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Vegetarian Travel Notes:
Papua New Guinea

  by Melanie Wilson
      Special to VegDining.com

It was so easy to be vegan in PNG! I didn't travel much out to the countryside because of crime, and when I did I lived on white rice and fruits and greens. Not bad for a few days! But in the capital, Port Moresby, we were in heaven.

The selection of health foods imported from Australia is tremendous, and the large Chinese community guarantees a fresh supply of tofu, both regular firm and fried chunks. I was even able to buy flax seeds! Lots of soymilk, nuts, dried fruits, and I even found vegan cookies in the supermarket. Being a tropical country, the fresh locally-grown fruits and veggies are fabulous, and these are supplemented by lots of imports!

We lived there almost two years with no problem whatsoever food-wise, except when trying to eat out. Almost every restaurant had vegetarian options but not vegan options, and I had to send back many an order. Our favorite place was an Indian restaurant and a Chinese place that would make anything to order.

  Melanie is Editor of Vegetarian Baby and Child - www.vegetarianbaby.com
Photo courtesy of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority.

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