-- Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine, Seattle, WA, USA
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364 Roy Street
Seattle, WA   USA
Phone: (206) 282-6616

    NEIGHBORHOOD: Queen Anne.
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Bamboo Garden is one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Seattle, in part because the prices are so reasonable, but mostly because the food so easily fits my Vegan, No Oil diet. While some items have things like fried baskets of noodles, obviously not low fat, about 2/3 of the menu may be ordered without added oil. Unlike what the listing here suggests, everything on the menu is fully vegan. No dairy, eggs, etc, with a single exception, noted on the menu. The fortune cookies they give out at the end of the meal, which they don't make themselves, do have egg. But everything they make in house, is fully vegan, following centuries old imperial Chinese practices from when the emperor had to eat fully vegan for a month each year to bless the harvests (or some such...) The food is good, if not spectacular, and the ambiance is nice, again not amazing. But I like the place a lot. Relaxed, good eating without worrying about breaking my dietary rules, all at a good and inexpensive price. One little note. If you liked traditional hot and sour soup before going vegan, be aware that Bamboo Garden's take on it is a bit different. Good, but not quite what I'd call a real "hot and sour soup" taste. That's about the only criticism I'd offer, and it's being unreasonably picky. Enjoy this place. You won't regret it. "
Seattle, WA
"One of the best restaurants that I have ever eaten at. The best Chinese food that I have ever had! On the top 10 things that I miss about living in Seattle!"
Las Vegas, NV

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