-- Saf Kurucesme (Organic Juice Bar & Take-Away), Istanbul, , Turkey
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Tramway Yolu 48
Istanbul Turkey
Phone: 0212 2570067

    NEIGHBORHOOD: Kuruçesme.
    HOURS: Daily: 8am - 10pm.
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"Life Co's Saf Restaurant has opened its third branch in Istanbul, following branches in the Tunel and Akaretler areas. Presenting organic wraps and desserts, the cozy take away buffet offers almond shakes, fresh juices and for the first time in Turkey, non-dairy organic ice cream. The tiny store under a pink mosque in Kuruçesme also sells natural health products and cosmetics, detox packages and even trampolines.

With regard to dürüm wraps as well as the rest of the simple menu, Saf is an entirely vegetarian and organic gourmet institution. Although people who are used to eating meat products will not find this concept too exciting, the wraps are exceptionally tasty, fresh and satisfying - not to mention reasonably priced. Each wrap is YTL 10 and they are huge! The variations are "global" - spanning from Thai Spice, Italian Tofu to Mexican, all wrapped in an herbal tortilla. The staff's suggestion is the popular one, Garden Wrap, which is a variety of mixed greens, almond caper pate, and fresh lemon sauce. A personal favorite is the Thai Spice Wrap with steamed organic brown rice, mushrooms, cabbage and tahlini-chili sauce. The Mexican Wrap incorporates organic brown rice, fresh salsa sauce, avocados, caramelized onions and cashew sour cream. Marinated tofu, pesto, garlic olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes are wrapped in the Italian Tofu Wrap. Of course a local Turkish Wrap is also available composed of dill and SAF dolma, fennel, olives and sweet onions. The detox salad, which is a local green mix with assorted sprouts, shaved roots, miso-citrus vinaigrette, and flax crisps, goes nicely with the wraps. The creator of the innovative menu is Saf's talented Executive Chef Chad Sarno.

The fresh natural juices are made to order and depending on ones mood, recommended by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Mixologist, Joe McCanta has created an assortment of drinks for numerous tastes and frames of mind. Feeling tired? The Energize Juice is made to give vitality and liveliness mixing peaches, oranges, cucumber and green apple. Lacking concentration? Concentration juice is meant to sharpen mental focus with the help of pear, cucumber, carrot and crushed lemon. For a fresh glow, the Skin Server has cucumbers, spinach, parsley and carrot (Apparently smooth and glowing skin requires several vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, as does glossy hair, eyes and strong nails).

Non-dairy shakes are also offered at Saf Organic Buffet in Kuruçesme. All the nourishing luscious shakes are made with almond milk which is a high protein dairy-free milk made from germinated, ground almonds and alkaline water. What's more is agava - which is a natural raw sweetener similar in texture to honey - used to sweeten instead of sugar.

For dessert apple cake with lemon frosting is a pleasing, fruity and light choice. The natural cocoa tart and especially chocolate non-dairy cheesecake are outstanding. As they contain no sugar, eggs or dairy products, the desserts are practically guilty free and mouthwatering. Like the bakery nearby, Dolce, Saf will be taking orders for parties and large gatherings for people who don't want themselves and their kids eating all the heavy cream and icing on fatty cakes.

The location of Saf Organic Juice Bar & Takeaway is on the coast road in the Kuruçesme area across from Galatasaray Island. Ordering on the phone is significantly easy as well. All the foodstuff offered at Saf is fresh, organic, non-dairy and mostly vegan."

Istanbul Turkey

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