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Submit a Vegetarian Restaurant/Food Store Review

Tell us - and the rest of the world - about a recent visit you've made to a vegetarian or very veg-friendly restaurant or food store ("very veg-friendly" = at least 2 of 3 entrees vegetarian).

Our editors will review your submission and consider posting it to our site. We'll take a look and if it's suitable, we'll edit your submission for spelling and punctuation, and then upload it to our site. If your review is particularly well-written and descriptive, you might even be invited to join our freelance writing team!

Thanks for your submission!

  Restaurant Name:
  Restaurant Location:
  Type of Restaurant:
  Fully Vegetarian (NO meat, fish,
          poultry or other animal flesh)

Fully Vegan (Fully Vegetarian AND
          NO dairy, eggs, honey, ...)

Mostly Vegan (Fully Vegetarian AND
          at least half of entrĂ©es vegan)

Very Veg-Friendly
          (at least 2 of 3 entrĂ©es vegetarian)

  Your Name:
  Your E-mail Address:
  Your City:
  Your Country:
  Your State/Province:
If we post your review on our site, we'll identify you only by your initials and your city/country.
  Date of Your Most Recent Visit:    
         eg. June 2016, Fall 2016.
         Please provide at least 3 or 4 sentences. Try to be as creative and detailed
         as possible describing your favorite dishes, atmosphere, service, etc.
         IMPORTANT: As a rule, we don't post negative reviews on our site. Instead we
         attempt to forward such reviews to the restaurants in question (without identifying
         reviewers), in the hope they can make improvements to their businesses without
         the inherent risks of negative publicity.
         Reviews of restaurants/food stores already in our database requiring miminal edits
         normally will be uploaded within a day. Reviews of places not yet in our database, or
         requiring numerous edits may take longer to appear on our site.


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