-- Stone Soup, Burlington, VT, USA
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211 College Street
Burlington, VT   USA
Phone: (802) 862-7616

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"This place is small but amazing. I ordered the seitan pepper "steak" without Russian dressing or cheese ... and then the waiter actually asked if I was a vegan. He told me the cheese and the Russian dressing were made with soy. It's rare a restaurant asks if I'm vegan, so I was pleasantly surprised. My non-veg boyfriend ordered the seitan reuben (with cheese) and we both absolutely enjoyed our meals. The only complaint was that it seemed to take a long time to get the food, but it was totally forgotten when we tasted the sandwiches.

There was also a by-the-pound bar with various non-veg and vegetarian/vegan choices as well as a plethora of cookies, scones, cakes and muffins. We each got a cookie (one vegan, one regular) as well as a scone and a muffin (vegan) to take with us for later. I'd wanted to try the vegan chocolate cake, but there wasn't any way to carry it."

Albany, NY

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