-- Patat Spot Friet & Falafel, Charleston, SC, USA
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41B George Street
Charleston, SC   USA
Phone: (843) 723-7438

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"Patat Spot offers gluten-free falafel made from Garbanzo and Fava beans, a varied toppings bar, and fantastic friet (fries to most of us) with dipping sauces to die for. Imagine topping your falafel with pickled cabbage, turnips, and more in addition to lettuce, tomato, and Israeli Salad.

Veggies, vegan, and meat eaters alike selected Patat's Falafel as one of the best sandwiches in town. It was the sole veggie selection and the least expensive.

Stop by for quick and friendly service seven days a week. On weekends, the spot is open late.

Update (26 Sept 2011):
Patat Spot is no longer 100% vegetarian. It is still very vegan friendly but just started serving one meat entrée. It's sad, but understandable in this market. I'd rather she serve one meat entrée and thrive rather than close."

Charleston, SC

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