-- Shanachie Irish Pub & Restaurant, The, Ambler, PA, USA
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111 E. Butler Avenue
Ambler, PA   USA
Phone: (215) 283-4887

    CATEGORY: SOME VEGETARIAN DISHES AVAILABLE (At least one in five entrées are vegetarian).
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"The Shanachie is a friendly Irish pub and restaurant that mostly serves meat dishes... HOWEVER, the chef Brian Duffy will happily create a vegetarian or vegan entrée that will knock your socks off! The artful presentations are always quite impressive (even stunning) and the mixture of flavors and textures he uses amply shows off his culinary prowess. The omnivorous diners with me have always been jealous when they see my meal! His motivation to create interesting dishes for all tastes is demonstrated by the fact that the server will always ask if there is anything the diner does not want (e.g. I ask for cooked, not raw, onions or garlic).

Each entrée contains a sampling of 3 to 5 different dishes. Sample vegan plates have included various combinations of salad greens with colorful vegetables, roasted tomato or pepper stuffed with a wonderfully seasoned mixture of grains and beans, sugary braised figs, a delicious mashed sweet potato mixture, thin crispy fried onions, and marinated, grilled vegetables, to name just a few. Now, if only Chef Duff would create some vegan desserts...!"

Ambler, PA

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