-- Himalaya's, Norman, OK, USA
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814 N. Berry Road
Norman, OK   USA
Phone: (405) 701-3900

    HOURS: Sunday - Thursday: 11 am - 9 pm; Friday & Saturday:, 11 am - 10 pm.
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Posted on the front window of Himalaya's is a description of some Indian dining guidelines. Among these are proper methods for cooking and consuming Indian fare. Another is the recommendation to leave one quarter of your stomach empty at the end of each meal, to facilitate digestion. Keep this suggestion in mind as you enter the unassuming building, because you are venturing into a world of extreme culinary temptation.

The buffet, which runs daily, features a dozen or so entrée items, approximately half of which are veggie-friendly. Though many of the vegetarian choices feature cheese or cream, there are vegan options, too. Owners Salem Balaji and Ravi Bathe, who double as cooks, will be happy to point out which items are animal product-free.

Be sure to try the palak paneer, or spinach with cheese. Also delicious is the vegetable korma. This dish consists of mixed veggies in a cream, almond, and cashew sauce. If you can't keep the dishes straight, don't worry. All of the buffet items are labeled with names and short descriptions. Basmati rice, either plain or dressed up with vegetables and spices, is a nice accompaniment to the spicier main dishes.

The naan, a kind of flatbread, also is delicious. If your timing is right, you can get some hot and fresh. If you have room for dessert, try the mango custard. It goes nicely with the fresh fruit also offered on the dessert bar. And don't forget to grab some mukhvaas on your way out the door. The traditional mixture of fennel seeds and sugar bits freshens breath and aids in digestion.

The atmosphere at Himalaya's is relaxed but festive, with flowers on the tables, colorful prints on the ceiling tiles, and a large mountain scene painted on the wall behind the buffet table. This is a good place to bring the family; there is food for even the pickiest little ones to eat, and a large muted television set in the back room provides a visual distraction should they get bored.

The wait staff, who are attentive without being intrusive, seem to enjoy entertaining their younger guests, as well. It's an opportunity for parents to enjoy a nice meal without worrying about the kids cutting it short."

Norman, OK

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