-- Tiffin Wallah, New York (Manhattan), NY, USA
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127 East 28th Street
Manhattan, NY   USA
Phone: (212) 685-7301

    CATEGORY: MOSTLY VEGAN (Fully Vegetarian).
    HOURS: Daily: 11:30am - 3pm and 5pm - 10pm.
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Tiffin Wallah is a cozy restaurant located unassumingly between Park and Lex on 28th Street. The name Tiffinwallah makes me feel nostalgic of my school-days when I used to carry lunch in my "tiffin" box. Tiffin is a term meaning lunch or meals that originated in British-India and Wallah is a generic term given to a person who provides a form of service. Hence Tiffinwallah literally translates to meal-provider which one might think as apt :)

I come here primarily for the DOSAs! They have wonderful DOSAs (DOSA - and their PODI is to die for. The Pondicherry Dosa has podi smeared inside the entirety of the DOSA which is sadistic at times :)

Their appetizer platter/sampler is good to try out, the generous samplings of popular Indian Fast Food that one finds in any bustling Indian Metro (bustling might be reduntant when talking about India :)

The interiors are relaxed and their "chai" cutlery is interestingly utilitarian (an added incentive to visit perhaps?). Other South Indian dishes to consider are the uttapam which is more well-endowed pancake than a Dosa.

The THALI is a smorgasbord of curries and other food items that are themed based on their origin. Gujarati Thali (North Indian, expect sweet things), SouthIndian Thali (my native Thali - expect chutneys and ricecakes) and similar.

The namesake dishes (the Tiffins) are a bit of a misnomer. They are mostly Chaat which is satay-esque Indian street food. Think of them as spicy Indian salads! A must try indeed.

For vegans (as I) - adequate identification is provided and you can always ask the server to ensure vegan-ness by avoiding ghee or butter on your Dosa. TiffinWallah is one of my favorite places to eat Indian food and for good reason. Hope this review helped someone to a good meal."

New York, NY

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