-- Café Indigo, Concord, NH, USA
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128H Hall Street
Concord, NH   USA
Phone: (603) 224-1770

    HOURS: Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm;
Sun: 10am - 2pm
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"All of the vegan food at Cafe Indigo is delish but I highly recommend the All American Veggie Burger. What makes this sandwich really special is the homemade bread. In the middle of the yummy bread is a homemade veggie burger topped with their special sauce and fresh lettuce and tomato. My mouth is watering just writing this."
Raymond, NH
"I found out about Cafe Indigo while I was searching online for a good place to take my boyfriend. I am a vegetarian and he is a very strict vegan. Dining out is tough when we are looking for dishes that will satisfy us both. The food at Cafe Indigo is amazing! We have gone back 6 times in about three weeks! We have together tried every item on the menu that was available! It certainly inspired us both to someday create our own little vegan restaurant! Well done Cafe Indigo, you girls rock!"
Waterville Valley, NH
"We were in town for a week and needed a vegan dining option. Having been to the Chicago Diner and loving the food, we were not sure if anything would compare. We were extremely happy with the atmosphere, food, and staff. For the brunch we got the sampler, you just can't go wrong. The scrambled tofu was amazing, pancakes were delicious, and the french toast was good, but really the potatoes are something you will never forget. They have the crispy shell with lots of flavor that I love in good skillet potatoes. Then there was the carrot cake. I have always loved carrot cake, but this takes top honors. It's moist, fluffy, and full of flavor.

We went back the next day for lunch and there is a good selection on the menu. My wife got the "fish" sandwich and the vegan tartar sauce brought the whole thing together. My son got the American burger and I got the "steak" wrap. We all passed our plates around and we loved all of the food. If you are in the area looking for great food, you will not be disappointed. It's a small place and the prices are very reasonable. The dining area is quite small, I think they had about 6 dining room tables, but we didn't have to wait either day. The hostess/waitress was really friendly and paid close attention to the details.

If you live in the area, you are very lucky. We will visit again before we leave town and we will come back every time we are in the area. One last note, I don't know if they sell the cole slaw on the side, but it came with all of our lunches in a tiny bowl. I only wish I had more as it was probably the best cole slaw I have ever had. If you traditionally don't like cole slaw and you get a lunch from them, you just have to try it, you will be impressed."

Elkhart, IN
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