-- Amigos, Lincoln, NE, USA
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1411 Q Street
Lincoln, NE   USA
Phone: (402) 475-9819

    CATEGORY: SOME VEGETARIAN DISHES AVAILABLE (At least one in five entrées are vegetarian).
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"When I first became a vegetarian, I never ate at Amigos because they used lard. I regretted this, as they make the best fast-food nachos in town: two kinds of cheese and it's real cheese, not some weird nacho cheese sauce. They also have a condiments bar with things like pico de gallo, so you can spice your own. Comes with guacamole and sour cream, too.

Well, they've switched to vegetable oil and life is good. (Do eat the nachos quickly; portions are generous - often there's a special so a large can be cheaper than a small - and the cheese does set up quickly.)

If you get dinner here, it comes as a platter and it's really like a dinner. It won't impress your date, but it's good. I've had a couple of the various options and they've all been fine, and a cut above regular fast food, if not quite dining. They have a vegetarian burrito too, or at least they used to - the whole wheat wrap and some of the "I'm a vegetarian, therefore a health nut" ingredients put me off when I tried one, so I never order it.

You order at the counter, take a number, and they bring the food to you. At the one on South Street in Lincoln, I've had service good enough to merit a tip. I like the chain well enough that when I visited Lincoln regularly, I'd make a point of hitting an Amigo's every couple of times. Most of the Amigo's now appear to be paired with a Winchell's menu or some other restaurant. So you might be able to get a milkshake (!) with your Mexican food."

DeKalb, IL

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