-- Ali Baba Gyros, Lincoln, NE, USA
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112 N. 14th Street
Lincoln, NE   USA
Phone: (402) 435-2615

    CATEGORY: SOME VEGETARIAN DISHES AVAILABLE (At least one in five entrées are vegetarian).
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"I've been coming here for years, ever since George's Greek Gyro's moved down the street and I realized that, as a vegetarian, there was no longer anything I could get there but a salad on a pita. I usually get the falafel, which I've been happy with. There's a big menu, carefully chalked in on a big chalkboard above the owner's head. There are a couple of other vegetarian items, and I've gotten the Greek lasagne, but it's basically just a white sauce lasagne you can get elsewhere.

Everything comes with Greek fries, which are thick-cut and tasty. I wondered at first if there were meat flecks on them (when I started eating the fries at this restaurant's predecessor, I still ate meat) but I'm pretty sure it's just oregano. They are perhaps saltier than needed … but they're good.

Portions are generous (it is impossible to eat the sandwiches neatly - take a plastic fork and knife, eat it down a little bit, then try picking it up) and come with a fair amount of a white condiment sauce that sort of resembles tzatziki. Credit cards OK but it costs extra to use one.

The place is a little dinged up (it's been a restaurant, without many changes, for about the last 25 years now; my dad started eating at George's in the early 80s) but that doesn't bother me. The stupid TV they installed does. I keep saying I'll stop coming here because of the TV but I still come by occasionally. It's a good location near the crossroads of downtown, near the town's best used bookstore and not far from some of my other favorite hangouts."

DeKalb, IL

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