-- Home Grown Café, Newark, DE, USA
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126 East Main Street
Newark, DE   USA
Phone: (302) 266-6993

    HOURS: Mon - Fri: 11am - 1am
Sat: 10am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 12 midnight
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Many items are already vegan or vegetarian, and almost every item can be made vegetarian or vegan. It is a very fun atmosphere, with live music many nights of the week. They also have Happy Hour specials and a Sunday Brunch. I just admire a place that makes its own mock meat! Their chicken substitute is seitan, and it is homemade on site. They also substitute tofu or portobella mushrooms if you want a vegan/veggie option for one of their entrées."
Wilmington, DE

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