-- Cafe Gratitude, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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639 N. Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA   USA
Phone: (323) 580-6383

    HOURS: Every Day:
Juice Bar & Breakfast: 8am - 11am
Lunch & Dinner: 11am - 10pm
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Organic handmade vegan food is what you'll find at Café Gratitude. Just off Melrose on Larchmont Boulevard, this vegan restaurant sits on a quiet row north of the hustle and bustle of Larchmont Village.

The menu offers (raw or cooked) breakfast, lunch, dinner, daily desserts, and specialty drinks. Whimsical menu items such as "I am pure", "I am elated", and "I am magical" will amuse you but it will be the ingredients that will pique your interest. Delight in the imaginative menu creations while the waiter pours water from a French corked bottle etched with inspirational messages of joy, love, and gratitude into your glass. The staff is friendly and happily present the café's question of the day to share, ponder or reflect upon; be it "What are you celebrating today?" or "When are you most at peace?"

If you have never eaten raw food, Café Gratitude is a good place to start. The "I am elated" is a spinach enchilada topped with a subtly spicy mole sauce and accompanied with a lemony coleslaw and a green salad. The spinach tortilla has the perfect texture reminiscent of a traditional enchilada made from corn. The nut filling is finely chopped and perfectly seasoned. The thick chipotle sauce carries a nice amount of heat with a surprising kick that becomes noticeable only toward the end of the meal. The two salads, while clean and delicious, are a mere accompaniment to the enchilada, which is a beautiful introduction to raw cuisine.

"I am hearty" is a divine raw pizza made of onion crust and nut cheeses. The crust is crispy, thick, and spiced with traditional Italian ingredients and herbs. This pizza is so savory, it will just about eliminate any cravings for doughy processed cheese pizzas.

If you're in the mood for something cooked, try the "I am magical". This hearty veggie burger comes thick on a multigrain bun, complete with all the fixins, including tangy cashew mustard. Order this with the "I am eternally blessed" a coffee milkshake made from a variety of nut milks and coffee, and you've got a classic summertime treat. The "I am transformed" is a healthy spin to homemade tacos. Two thick cooked corn tortillas filled with warm brown rice, beans, salsa, avocado and a creamy cashew cheese oozing out the sides.

Sure to be the mecca for vegan foodies, Café Gratitude makes everything but the buns and tortillas in-house. If you become a fan of the raw food movement, Café Gratitude also offers cooking classes to bring this wonderful cuisine home."

Northridge, CA

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