-- Herbivore, Berkeley, CA, USA
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2451 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA   USA
Phone: (510) 665-1675

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983 Valencia Street, San Francisco (Herbivore)
531 Divisadero, San Francisco (Herbivore on Divisadero)
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"I have been to the San Francisco Herbivore many times and I have to say that the Berkeley one is not all that different. Great service, great atmosphere, and great food. The Pad Thai could use more vegetables though. The shakes are really good and sweet enough. Unfortunately, I was too full from my meal and the shake to eat some dessert. My lentil loaf also came with a refreshing starter salad. The only problem was there were no bags so please bring your own bag if you take out or need to bring your leftovers back home."
Daly City, CA

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