-- El Misti, Anaheim, CA, USA
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3070 W. Lincoln Avenue, Ste. D
Anaheim, CA   USA
Phone: (714) 995-5944

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"I am a vegetarian Peruvian, which generally means that I don't eat Peruvian food. But, this place is amazing. The owner's son is vegetarian, so she has learned to cook authentic vegetarian Peruvian food! The best part is that you can bring your meat-eating friends, and everyone can find something great to eat on their expansive menu. They prepare the food just like Peruvians do at home, it is so tasty! And don't let the unassuming exterior of El Misti fool you. Upon entering the restaurant, you will feel as if you stepped through a portal right into a picture from Arequipa. The family that owns and operates this restaurant is warm and professional. I will return to this restaurant over and over again."
Anaheim, CA

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