-- Juicy Jones, Barcelona, , Spain
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C. Cardenal Castanas, 7
Barcelona Spain
Phone: 93 302-4330

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"Very interesting vegan restaurant, with plenty of choice. The place is very nice and even my non-vegetarian friends loved it!"
"As being vegetarian for 20 years, I really can say that this restaurant is one of the most delicious I've ever eaten outside. The food is fresh, various, very tasty and not too expensive. I strongly recommend it. Try their daily menu, it costs only 8.50 euros and it's quite a big meal."
Maribor Slovenia
"Barcelona as a whole is quite good for providing vegetarian options - but Juicy Jones has to be the absolute winner, hands down! Just the novelty of being able to walk into the place, take a blind stab at anything on the menu and know that it will be both vegan and delicious was brilliant, but on top of that it is just a great little restaurant in itself. It's worth visiting just for the decor - imagine crazy multi-coloured surfaces, and vegan stickers/posters, everywhere - even the light fittings, ceilings and bathrooms - and they play great music. Always full of very friendly and colourful staff and customers and if you're not in the mood for a whole meal then their smoothies and shakes are to die for. I especially recommend their "Sweet Kryptonite" shake! My friends and I went back every single day for at least one smoothie for our whole trip and were never disappointed."
Bournemouth England
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