-- Pure & Natural Juice Bar, Condado, , Puerto Rico
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1125 Ashford Avenue
Condado Puerto Rico
Phone: (787) 725-6104

    HOURS: Sat & Mon: 11am - 8pm
Tues - Fri: 11am - 10pm
Closed Sundays
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"I love this restaurant except for the fact that they will not give out menus to go or that their hours are not what they post. I would hope that when you call them and ask them when they close and you go there and they are mopping the floor and not open even when they said they are. It is a shame because they are a very good natural resturant in the area. Oh well ... That's Puerto Rico."
San Juan Puerto Rico
"Cute, clean juice bar on the hip avenue of Ashford! With a vast selection of café foods (salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc.) and an amazing list of fresh fruit juices and combinations, fresh vegetable juices and combinations, smoothies, shakes, and create-your-own options, this place can never be boring!

The mosaics and theme of this modern-looking café is not only creative and fun, but also a place that attracts clientele of the same. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable of the products they sell. Many vegetarian options, although they do serve fish and chicken products as well. But the menu is overall healthy.

For vegan options, most of the vegetarian food menu can be (or already is) vegan. Pure & Natural is all about options. Choices of milks (almond, vanilla soy or low-fat cow), choices of breads (5 grain bun, whole wheat bread or pita), wraps (spinach, sundried tomato or whole wheat), even a choice of different hummus! All this with a menu which is basically interchangeable. I opted for the falafel and hummus sandwich (of course!) on a whole wheat pita, with a Nirvanut to drink (banana and peanut butter with almond milk!), and a raw orange grapefruit juice to go as dessert.

Pure & Natural is definitely a spot I would suggest not missing! If not for a sit down meal, or a WIFI adventure, at least for a stop for some good, healthy raw juice for site-seeing energy! Free WIFI. All cards accepted (Except Discover)"

Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico

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