-- Flôr de Coimbra, Coimbra, , Portugal
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Rua do Poço
Coimbra Portugal

    CATEGORY: SOME VEGETARIAN DISHES AVAILABLE (At least one in five entrées are vegetarian).
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"At the corner of the street (Rua do Poço, near the Coimbra new train station), you will spot Flôr the Coimbra for its name printed in white ceramic tiles.

In a very old stone house building, Flôr de Coimbra is both a nice pension to stay and a very pleasant restaurant to eat. The decoration, the furniture and all the environment in general will make you feel like visiting a luxurious 19th century house. Then you can seat, and while waiting or enjoying your meal, you can listen to the best of the best Portuguese music, in a very relaxed and comfortable way. An unforgettable experience.

The waiters will discuss your meal with you (English is OK) - you can choose what you want from a wide selection. Then they literally flood your table with what you chose, and perhaps something else on the house. Rice, a range of vegetables, french fries, tofu, salads, all delicious to eat as much as you can.

There is only one drawback: price is currently EUR 11 per person, main dish only. Perhaps fair, or even cheap for the excellent service, but around you can probably eat for much less. The selection of desserts depends a lot, but usually you have two or three options."

Oliveira do Hospital Portugal

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