-- Yellow Sunshine, Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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Wiener Strasse 19
Berlin, Berlin   Germany
Phone: 030-6959 8720

    NEIGHBORHOOD: Kreuzberg.
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"After traveling by a bus and walking for about 30 minutes, we finally came to this restaurant. I was very excited to find a vegetarian place in Germany. It was a lovely night that I went so most of the people eating were outside on the tables and chairs. We went in and ordered, I don't speak a word of German, but luckily my friend could help me translate the menu. We ordered 2 burgers, a salad and chips. This came to 15 euro. The variety of burgers is quite amazing, especially as they are all vegetarian. My friend was also impressed by the burgers as he is a meat eater and had never tried a vegetarian burger. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone wanting a good burger, meat eater, vegetarian or vegan."
Melbourne, VIC
"Let me just start by saying how sad I am that they don't have a 'Yellow Sunshine' in my city! This place is 100% amazing goodness. They have 22 veggie burgers - yes! 10 of them are vegan! At least 6 different kind of fake-meat patties (all patties, no fake burgers like a portabello or eggplant slice), all different textures, some with soy bacon, seitan, spinach veggie mix, beans, etc. All delicious. This was probably the most fairly priced restaurant we went to in our entire 3 week stay in Europe. They even had food to satisfy a picky child - 'veggie' fingers, party balls (falafel), chocolate muffins, bananna, mango, and soymilk shakes, salads, and crispy fries. Totally worth the trip from wherever in Berlin you are staying. Not too hard to park there. We walked out of there with 3 people eating entrée, fries, and shake for under what amounted to $30 USD. Beyond amazing."
Denver, CO
"Location: This is a very, very popular joint in Kreuzberg, and is located right next to the famous "Wild at Heart" Rock club.

The Menu: As a vegan you're pretty much looking at a fast food joint, which is not necessarily bad, one just wishes for less fatty options. Personally I found the Seitan Burger way to dry and tasteless. But hey, the good side is I loved the "Pepperman-Cheeze" burger, and that's why I went back! Also: the "Fakin' Fish" is a huge hit with me as well as any carnivores I have lunched with while there.

Tip: Get away from the burgers and try the "Giros Plate" which has a very convincing Greek tatziki sauce. Also: Soy Chai and Soy Coffee drinks, Blended Fruit drinks, and Bio Beer are also offered.

Sweets: The Muffins are nothing special, but on a recent visit on April 4th, 2008 they had vegan Tiramisu.

Staff: Very friendly, Students, Alternatives, Punkers.

Atmosphere: Hippie type music (lol!), nice bright, hence "Sunshine""

Berlin Germany
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