-- Saveur Latine, Bordeaux, , France
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3, Place Saint Pierre
Saint Pierre Square
Bordeaux France
Phone: 05 56 51 02 75

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"The cheerfulness of the staff and of the colorful decor is infectious. The outdoor tables, on Saint Pierre Square, often ring with laughter and conversation. The indoor restaurant is equally attractive (if a bit cramped) with its multicolored, striped tablecloths and cactus motifs. The menu is Latin American. Cheese-smothered quesidillas are popular as well as the fajitas. Tortillas are served on the side so customers can prepare their own customized fajita stuffing. The food is perhaps milder than in some traditional Mexican restaurants, but it's still satisfying and the price is right. There are main-meal options for under $15. Finish off with a decadent dessert, like the chocolate-rum ice cream."
Montreal, PQ

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