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3 Bateman Street
London (Central) England
Phone: 020 7287 4796

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"Milk Bar is a quirky little antipodean café based in the heart of Soho. As a New Zealander myself, I know how hard it is to get good coffee in London! Famous for their "flat whites" (a popular coffee from the southern hemisphere), Milk Bar also have an extensive menu of other regular and specialty coffees, and other drinks. The 100% vegetarian café (which also happens to be very vegan-friendly) serves a surprisingly wide range of food, considering their small premises.

There are a number of hot and cold breakfast options, including vegan French toast. Lunch options include "toasties" (toasted sandwiches), a range of baps, soba noodle salad, red rice salad, Moroccan couscous, hummus and bread, and a selection of pastries if you're just looking for something light to accompany your coffee. Being a "milk bar", they're also famous for their delicious range of milkshakes - soya milk of course is always available. Milk Bar is the sister café to another antipodean café called "Flat White" - however it is important to note that only Milk Bar is 100% vegetarian ("Flat White" serves meat). There are few independent coffee shops in London, so Milk Bar is an essential stop if you are a lover of good coffee."

London England

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