-- Peace-Garden, Ottawa, ON, Canada
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47 Clarence Street
Ottawa, ON   Canada
Phone: (613) 562-2434

    CATEGORY: MOSTLY VEGAN (Fully Vegetarian).
    HOURS: Mon - Wed 7:30 AM - 8 PM; Thu - Fri 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM; Sat 9 AM - 9:30 PM; Sun 9 AM - 8 PM
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"I am a long-time customer of the Peace Garden Cafe  going on twenty years. It is my oasis from the hectic "reality" of the hustle-and-bustle world I live in most of the time. The food is outstanding  simple, yet always fresh and delicious.
The ambiance is just like the name says, a garden of Peace  pure Peace. The servers are thoughtful, efficient and kind  just what I need. I hope to have lunch there the day I ascend to heaven, and can only hope they have a branch there. Thanks for the many years of nourishing meals and sweet smiles."
Ottawa, ON
"It's 23 year later, the world is changed. The Peace Garden is one of the best nurturing calming inspiring food. Feeds the light of soul. Surrounding, peaceful, beauty, light. Tasting the deliciousness of food prepared with love and care. Sustains with healthy, scrumptious nutrition. Body - Mind - Heart - Soul. I love the Peace Garden!"
Ottawa, ON
"The service at Peace Garden is outstanding! Whenever I am down I go in and find a smiling face and helpful staff. The vegan truffles are to die for! I recommend the mint ones. I feel good service can be hard to come by sometimes but Peace Garden never fails - it is consistently cheerful and uplifting in every way."
Ottawa, ON
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