-- Gomier's Restaurant & Soy Center, Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize
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Punta Gorda, Toledo District   Belize
Phone: 501-722-2929

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"This restaurant serves really unique food. There is a vegetarian menu section with a variety of options. Coconut Curry, Kabobs, Ravioli are a few. All of the menu is made from locally grown fruits and veggies. The flavors and colors are really impressive."
Caye Caulker Belize
"Gomier prepares awesome vegetarian Ital cuisine - made from scratch using local, organic and whole ingredients. His wide-ranging and creative menu includes lasagna, tofu (barbecue, curry), vege burger, burrito; fresh veggie & fruit juices, seaweed shakes, soy milk; banana muffins. Toledo District is known for its organically grown cacao, which Gomier uses in an absolutely divine chocolate avocado soy ice cream! You can dine inside or outside under a thatched roof with a view of the Caribbean Sea - and you can even get a massage on-site. Everything is delicious and healthy."
San Francisco, CA

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