-- Shakahari Too, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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225 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne, Victoria   Australia
Phone: 03 9682 2207

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" Shakahari Too is a welcome addition to South Melbourne. In the style of the original Shakahai, the menu has such interesting items as 'tofu sensibility' and 'avocado magic' as entrees. Mains include 'Shaqlin Claypot', 'croquettes quinoa', salads and 'Italian Secret' . Yes, it is innovative food, with many cultural influences and a unique Shakahai twist. The food is simply amazing. Shakahari have their own garden from which they source. The service is fault-less. It s a great celebration destination. Although more cafe-ish than the original, the restaurant has both a front and rear seating area and a nice feel to it. Desserts, in case you are one to check the back page of the menu first, includes 'pandan coconunt cheesecake', 'steamed chocolate orange pudding', and 'tofu caramel', 'seasonal fruit crumble'. There are plenty of vegan options, all items are marked with the correct label (vegan, non-dairy, gluten free, and onion/garlic free). Shakahari Too is licensed and takes credit cards. A little on the expensive side, but it's worth it for exceptional meals, ambience and service. "
Melbourne, Victoria

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