-- Red Lime Shack, Adelaide, SA, Australia
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158 St. Vincent Street
Adelaide, SA   Australia
Phone: 72266867

    NEIGHBORHOOD: Port Adelaide.
    CATEGORY: MOSTLY VEGAN (Fully Vegetarian).
    HOURS: Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch.

Mon - Sat: 8am - 2pm
Sun: 9am - 3pm
    DESCRIPTION: Adelaide has been crying out for delicious, healthy food and boutique coffee. We are passionate about both. Opening late March, the Red Lime Shack is poised to reinvigorate the Port. We intend to drive a food revolution, focusing upon an active, healthy lifestyle and the whole food experience. We furthermore make the finest tasting coffee in South Australia. Our 100% vegan food is freshly made each morning from whole ingredients, no shortcuts taken using salt, sugar, fat or white flour. In order to coax the local workers, and the non-vegan public in general, to experience a revolutionary relationship with food, we need to ensure they have the option to drink coffee in the way they are used to. This harm-minimisation approach is unpopular in the vegan movement, as it represents a compromise. The milk we offer to these customers is sourced exclusively from Bio-dynamic Paris Creek, a dairy that leads the industry in ethical best practice and is run by vegetarians.
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"I attended a work picnic where Red Lime Shack catered the 'special requirements' meals. The meal we received was fantastic. It was a freshly made vegan meal consisting of mushroom meatballs, quinoa salad and a few extra sides. It was absolutley delicious so I will be making the trip into Port Adelaide to sample the rest of the menu soon. "
Adelaide Australia
"It is wonderful to be able to go somewhere, ask for a meal and not have the order taker screw their face up at you. Being vegan this is commonly the case. I was delighted when greeted the moment we entered through the front door! The service is 12 steps ahead of anywhere else in Adelaide. "
Adelaide Australia
"Fantastic service, food and coffee - doesn't get much better than that and completely vegan food. Yuuummmm!!!! "
Adelaide Australia
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